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Hotel San Gabriele Rosenheim History & Architecture

Our hotel was designed by architect Rudolf Rechl and opened in 2005, but imagine:

The year is 1510 ...

Knights are approaching the old fortress, they are high on horseback and want to take the castle. They are armed with lances and swords. A fire is already burning in front of the castle, clouds of smoke drift through the night. Where the Romans once left their mark, the grass is churned up and trampled by the horses. The people behind the fortress are prepared for the attack. Cannons are moved into position to repel the enemy.

Women and children are brought to safety behind the walls and at the very top of one of the towers a lookout is kept for the enemy. The fireplaces all around make the sky appear blood-red, but it is also a "sign" that has always demanded many sacrifices. On the walls, some knights try to climb up, but are doused with pitch and die an agonising death.

That night, however, as we read later in the chronicles, the battle comes to an end without further bloodshed.

Suddenly, up in the sky, an angel appears for all to see, spreads his arms and speaks to the people: "I am your guardian angel, the angel of men, the archangel Gabriel.

Why do you kill yourselves? Are you not afraid of purgatory, hell or the judgment of God?"

The women behind the thick walls cross themselves, holding their children in their arms. The men also see this "sign" and pause. The knights kneel down in front of the horses. Rain in the form of tears falls from the sky and extinguishes the flames.

For a moment it becomes very quiet, so quiet that you can hear some people's hearts beating.

The angel surrounded by a ray of light, says: " Let this fortress become a meeting place for people and always remember this night."

Centuries have passed since that memorable day. The fortress "San Gabriele" has changed its shape several times, survived many eras and is now a building with thick walls where people seek shelter. The rooms are still reminiscent of that time, of the year 1510. Candles burn in many small niches and provide warm light. Warmth comes from the open fireplace. The flames are somewhat reminiscent of that night. Here and there you think you meet a person from days gone by, but they are people of the present. They are protected by San Gabriele, an angel who guards this house and whose image can be found in the owner's talisman. San Gabriele, the guardian angel for us humans ...


We have our architect Rudolf Rechl from Amerang to thank for the special architecture of the Hotel San Gabrieles.


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