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Defeating the Kampenwand

Defeating the Kampenwand

"Wann i mit meiner Wampen kannt, dann gang i auf die Kampenwand"
(„When my paunch allows I climb to Kampenwand“) - bavarian proverb

From Aschau to Chiemgau (approx. 15 km) with  Kampenwandbahn you comfortably can reach at the mountain station at 1500 m altitude. If you think of making some sports and walk to the mountain you can go along Steinlingalm (15 min - no extreme effort) or you can climb up to Gipfelkreuz (1669m).

In any case you have an extraordinary panorama over the sea-area -  Chiemsee Lake and its islands and also  over the Central Alps. (Train Travel time : May November daily. 9-17h and  December April daily. 9-16.30h) - see also Autumn Arrangement




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